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Job description - Stainless Steel Fabricator

Full Time - Day Shift - Overtime Available - Starting wage $20-24 and up D.O.E. - Stainless steel fabrication experience required

The primary responsibility of the fabricator is the welding and fabrication of GK stainless steel products for both small and large parts and pieces.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identify universal weld symbols and able to both describe, perform proper stainless steel welding procedures and fabrication to the specified tolerances laid out for each job.
  • Prior to beginning each job, study work orders, drawings, plans, materials, specifications, reference planes, surface locations and welding parameters.
  • Weld components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions.
  • Avoid overheating parts and pay attention while fitting, burning and welding them to prevent any warping, shrinking, distortion or expansion of the material.
  • Examine work pieces for defects using proper measuring tools to ensure conformance with specifications.
  • Complete assigned work within given time frame, report all non-conforming material, and notify department lead of parts shortages and other issues.
  • Ensure all finished jobs are marked with identification tags and all checklists and forms are completed as per ISO and GK standards.
  • Position, align, secure and assemble parts and pieces in the correct sequence and stage them accordingly prior to release.
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