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GK is Proud to Design and Manufacture PlantTape

GK is proud to design and manufacture equipment for PlantTape’s revolutionary transplanting platforms that automate the labor intensive process of transplanting vegetables, increasing farmers’ efficiency and productivity.

The PlantTape transplanting system is ideal for agricultural producers aiming to increase efficiency and productivity in their operations. In this unique system, plants are germinated in a nursery and then transplanted semi autonomously using specialized equipment. Vegetable starts can be consistently planted at the grower’s desired spacing. Plant row widths, depth and bed compaction can all be adjusted as well. All of the PlantTape materials are biodegradable, and less irrigation is needed in the field. Less peat is used, and sowing is done under dry conditions, so seeds will not germinate until they are watered. This provides flexibility with planting schedules since the seedlings can be transplanted at nearly any stage of maturity.

To learn more about PlantTape, visit their website: www.planttape.com

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