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Future Engineers Week - Feb 22-26, 2021

GK Celebrates Future Engineers Week!

Oregon engineering students to join an interactive session to learn how GK Machine designs and builds complex agricultural machines! Future Engineers Week is February 22-26, 2021 and this year includes a virtual tour of GK’s large manufacturing facility located in Donald Oregon, a behind the scenes look at how engineers design equipment ranging from small trailers to 65 ft long robotic harvesting machines, and how their team of over 100 operators, machinists, welders, and technicians build them.

GK Machine employs engineers with many different specialties, including electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, agricultural, and manufacturing. This presentation will include a presentation along with a Q&A session with GK Machine engineers, led by lead engineer, Trevor Scheck.

Key Questions:

  • What sort of engineers work on agricultural equipment projects?
  • What are the challenges of manufacturing large machines?
  • What are the challenges unique to building farm equipment?
  • What education and training are required to work at GK Machine, Inc.?
  • What can students start doing now to be prepared for this field and its future?
  • How does what students learn through school tie into this work?
  • What is the most rewarding thing about building farm equipment?

Expected Outcomes
Students will gain a basic understanding of designing and manufacturing of industrial machinery, especially prototypes and custom equipment. The students will learn what training, experience and education is necessary to become an engineer at a company like GK Machine. Future engineers will learn how to get started with designing equipment and how to make connections between school work and this career field.

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