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CNC Milling


  • DMG MORI NHX6300 – 4 Axis Horizontal
  • DMG MORI NT5400/1800SY – 5 Axis Mill Turn with lower turret
  • OKK-40 – 3 Axis Mill
  • DV 5100 – 3 Axis Mill
  • SMV 1370 – 3 Axis Mill
  • Manual Lathe
  • Simplon Mill

GK Machine uses specialized software and CNC equipment to remove material to create parts that match your specifications. Milling is what is known as a subtractive process. The equipment and tools used to machine precision parts are often used with CAD and CAM programs. Engineers use these programs to create digital blueprints that can be read by the machining tools. This then allows for various milling machines, lathes, and grinders to intricately remove the material with a high level of accuracy compared to human-operated machines.

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