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Precision Laser Cutting


    • Trumpf L-3050
    • Trump L-3030
    • LiftMaster Sort

With two Trumpf Trumatic L3050 & L3030 Lasers we have the ability to make parts that are repeatable and accurate. Trumpf laser technology helps to ensure consistency from part to part with cleaner cutting. GK Machine has special fixturing and prefabricated parts to help us achieve fast turnaround and meet delivery times.

GK offers fast and efficient services with our two Trumpf Liftmasters. They can automatically load and unload sheets of metal to and from the laser cutting machines – for lights-out operations. This enables GK to achieve faster and more efficient production runs.

Trumpf Laser Cutting

Laser Tolerance

For parts 36" x 36" or smaller. For larger parts, add 0.002"/foot. Chart is for carbon steel and SS.

GAUGE 0.010
0.188 0.012
0.250 0.013
0.313 0.014
0.375 0.015
0.500 0.015
0.625 0.016
0.750 0.028
1.000 0.031

Cutting Holes

GAUGE 0.85 - 0.9x material thickness
0.188 - 0.500 = material thickness
0.625 - 1.00 1.5x material thickness*

*can cut 1:1, but tolerance chart no longer applies. Holes can be saw toothed and have additional kerf angle.

Laser Kerf Angle

.5-1 degrees dependent upon material, consumables and wattage. NOTE: tolerance table INCLUDES kerf allowance already

Additional Information

.50" Max aluminum thickness

.63" Max stainless thickness

125-250 RMS surface finish @ cut

60" x 120" cutting table size

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