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    • Trumpf Trumatic 260T

Punching is a slitting process in which a metal sheet is severed in one stroke and shapes, such as round holes, are created in the part, and contours are cut with single stroke.

A sheet is positioned between the punch and the die. The punch moves downward and plunges into the die. The edges of the punch and the die move past each other in parallel, cutting the sheet.

The higher the fraction of cut on the metal sheet edge, the better the edge quality. For precise fits, for example, preliminary holes are punched and then the final diameter is punched out with a slightly larger tool.

GK Machine provides full service custom contract metal fabrication for a variety of customers; including OEM component parts, sub-assemblies and finished products. GK has invested heavily in state-of-the-art machines to handle large industrial sized jobs, large volume parts and pieces as well as small, delicate cutting projects. We have the capacity and capabilities to provide quality, on-time delivery for your next manufacturing project.

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