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Overview of Capabilities


  • Production Machining
  • Production Milling
  • Precision Laser Cutting
  • Material Forming and Fabrication
  • Paint and Powdercoat
  • Electrical Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly

Production Machining

DMG MORI DURAVERTICAL 5100 – 3 Axis vertical

  • X: 17.7”/450mm
  • Y: 3.94”/100mm
  • Z: 51.2”/1301mm

DMG MORI NLX2055/700SY – 4 Axis Lathe

  • X: 10.2”/260mm
  • Z: 31.3”/795mm
  • 28.6”/728 mm (maximum length)

DMG MORI CTX beta 1250TC – 5 Axis Mill Turn

  • X: 17.7”/450mm
  • Y: 3.94”/100mm
  • Z: 51.2”/1301mm
  • 47”/1200mm (maximum length)
  • 15.4”/391mm (part diameter)

Production Milling

DMG MORI NHX6300 – 4 Axis Horizontal

  • X: 41.3”/1050mm
  • Y: 35.4”/900mm
  • Z: 40.6”/1030mm

DMG MORI NT5400/1800SY – 5 Axis Mill Turn

  • X: 40.9”/1040mm with lower turret
  • Y: 10”/255mm
  • Z: 76.4”/1940mm
  • 75.6”/1921 mm (maximum length)
  • 36.2”/920mm (part diameter)
  • 4”/103mm (bar capacity)


TRUMPF TRUMATIC L-3050 – 5’ X 10’ and equipped with TRUMPF Liftmaster auto loading/unloading

TRUMPF TRUMATIC L-3030 – 5’ X 10’ and equipped with TRUMPF Liftmaster auto loading/unloading


KINETIC K5000 XMC - Combination Drilling and Cutting Machine, 24 auto tool changer, plasma/flame bevel, marking systems, width 10' length 40'


TRUMPF Press Brakes

(2) TRUBEND 5320 — 360 TON

TRUBEND 7036 — 40 TON

TRUMPF Punch Press




Tank Lid Lip Roller

DAVI 4 Roller MCA 3022

Robotic Tank Welder and Fit-up Roller System


(2) Marvel 2150A-PC60


  • (30) MILLER MIG
  • (5) MILLER TIG


  • (98) JIB Cranes
  • (5)  Milwaukee Bridge (5 TON)
  • (2)  Milwaukee Bridge (10 TON)
  • (1)  Milwaukee Bridge(20 TON)

GK Paint and Powder has been providing high quality sandblasting, liquid paint and powder coating for agriculture, industrial and manufacturing customers in Oregon since 1976. With GK’s state-of-the-art paint and powder booths along with experienced technicians, your equipment and implements will have the protection needed to keep these essential machines working for years to come.

  • Chemical Wash 14'L x 9'W x 7'H
  • Sandblast 70'L x 20'W x 17'H
  • Powder Coat 35'L x 14'W x 16'H
  • Liquid Paint 70'L x 20'W x 17'H

GK Machine's electrical assembly technicians ensure your equipment is properly connected to the latest technology solutions. Our electrical assembly department specializes in custom-made wire harness and cable assemblies to CAN-bus controllers, our experts do it all! Assembly of Coaxial Connectors and Contacts.

GK Machine employs a large staff of experienced mechanical assemblers and technicians using state-of-the-art machines and technology to handle both small and large industrial sized jobs. GK Machine can provide all in-house manufacturing (machining, form/fabrication, finishing) through to assembly. GK Machine can also perform sub-assemblies for agricultural and industrial customers as requested. Engineers and mechanical assemblers work together to ensure your product is delivered to your location to your precise specification.

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