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Equipment List

  • (2) Marvel Saws 215 DA-PC60
  • Cincinnati Shear

GK Machine uses band saws for many different kinds of cutting, including solid materials and heavy tubing, structural shapes, high-efficiency bundle cutting, and hard alloy materials. A variety of different detachable blades make the industrial band saw extremely versatile and able to cut shapes on many different materials.

GK Machine Fabricators have the expertise to saw a variety of materials and shapes, including solids, structural, tubes, bundles, and angle iron. To help you get the job done effectively and efficiently, we carry a wide selection of steel inventory along with the latest technologies to cut, bend, form, shape and create – your next project.

Band sawing is the starting point for many fabricating operations. The thin, sharp rotating blade allows the machine to continuously make smooth cuts. However, sawing pipe and tube stock is fundamentally more difficult and more complicated than cutting bar stock or billets. Performing interrupted cuts is commonly required on many of the projects we undertake. No project too big or too small at GK Machine.

Saw Cutting
Note: Standard tolerances no longer apply due to lack of control over this clamp style



+/- 1/16"


+/- 1°



Max angle with standard clamping


Max angle with shimming / pre-cambering.


No cut can exceed linear travel


Max material height (between jaws)


Max material width (table to blade)


Max length



  • 12’ max width
  • 1/2” max thickness parts 36" x 36" or smaller. For larger parts, add 0.002"/foot
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