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Example Projects

The farmer-designed Lettuce Harvester increases efficiency, creates faster processing times and gets fresh product to market faster!

  • Double sided harvest platform, drives either direction, rotates 360 degrees, with steering controls that align with direction of travel
  • Rubber track undercarriage reducing field compaction, hydraulic side hill leveling to keep platform level
  • High amp 12v DC alternator paired with dual 3000W continuous duty inverters provide 110 vac power, 6000 watt continuous, 12000 watt surge to heat sealers without carrying extra generator.
  • Entire platform constructed from stainless steel including double stainless water tanks
  • All shades and tables fold in or down to enclose machine for transport, extension tables have on-board storage locations
  • Both sides of the machine have shade structures to increase crew comfort
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Mantis Ag Technology - automated crop thinning machine saves time and labor! Precision sprayers apply kill spray to unwanted plants and beneficial spray to desired plants.

  • Captures crops of any color using multi-spectral cameras
  • Handles any row configuration up to 8 speed lines per bed
  • Intelligent plant selection based on size, color and position
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Stout Technologies - Automated Weeder and Cultivator

The Smart Cultivator is an automated weeder and cultivator that combines a proprietary, agriculturally proven mechanical platform with a cutting-edge artificial intelligence vision system, called Stout True Vision, to eliminate weeds and cultivate the ground in a single pass. The machine processes fields at 1-2 acres per hour with one tractor driver. The machine features a self-tuning AI vision system, user-friendly touch screen interface, precision seed line tracking plant spacing, automatic blade depth control, and more. The Smart Cultivator requires only a 1000 RPM PTO and 3-point hitch, with no electrical or hydraulics connection to the tractor. All electrical components are shockproof and waterproof.

Visit StoutAgTech.com for more information about this amazing product!

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