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Job description - Manufacturing Cost Estimator

Full Time ~ Day Shift ~ Salary Range $21-$26 and up D.O.E. ~ Minimum 2+ years' experience in a metal fabrication and/or machining or a manufacturing environment

The Quoter serves a vital function by preparing accurate quotes for new and existing customers. They will estimate the cost of redesigning, producing, and developing products or services, such as equipment, machines, sub-assemblies, and parts.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Use Excel and Microsoft Office to estimate the cost of redesigning, producing, or developing products or services, such as home appliances, vehicles, or software systems.

  • Gather information on materials needed, labor required, packaging, delivery, and other factors
  • Identify cost factors, such as production time, materials, and labor expenses
  • Evaluate a product’s profitability or cost-effectiveness
  • Communicate with clients, engineers, and contractors to gather information on estimates
  • Read technical documents and/or blueprints in order to prepare estimates
  • Collaborate with sales teams to prepare estimates and bids for clients
  • Use computer software to input data and calculate estimates
  • Develop a plan for the duration of any large project
  • Recommend ways to make an existing product more cost-effective or profitable
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