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Job Description - Fabricator – Level 2 (stainless steel/aluminum)

Full Time - Day Shift - Starting wage $22-$26 per hour and up depending on experience.

The primary responsibility of the fabricator is the welding and fabrication of GK stainless steel products for both small and large parts and pieces.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • All competencies from level 1, and;
  • Able to weld with GTAW (TIG) on heavy gauge stainless steels and aluminum.
  • Able to weld all positions with GMAW (MIG), stainless and aluminum filler material.
  • Fabricate intermediate level jobs using basic layout tools (tape measures, angle finder, squares, etc.).
  • Knowledgeable in material preparation for welding.
  • Able to sand to a DA finish requirement.
  • Proficient with understanding print tolerances and dimensions.
  • Intermediate weld print reading.
  • Understand how to adjust welding machine settings for multiple material grades, thicknesses, and filler material types.
  • Able to operate essential fabrication equipment such as jib crane, sheer, hand held plasma cutter, cutting torch, etc.
  • Understanding heat shrinking/straightening of stainless steels.

Learning Objectives

  • The development of critical thinking and problem solving to improve processes and efficiency.
  • Learn fabrication techniques such as heat straightening and the use of bracing and strong bars to prevent warpage.
  • Emphasis on cosmetic finishes.
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