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3W6 Swamp Buggy - GK3W6


  • Engine: Cummins, 173 HP (Stage 5)
  • Cab: Stainless steel wide cab with charcoal filter and buddy seat
  • Spray Pump: Centrifugal Hypro HM1
  • Spray Tank: 600 gal. Stainless Steel
  • Transmission: Allison, 0-25 MPH
  • Rear Axle: Outboard planetary

GK Machine's 3W6 self-propelled spray buggy has been designed for light weight high flotation applications for both spreading and spraying.  The three wheel stance provides staggered tire spacing to limit ground pressure and compaction. 

2020 New Updates and Features:

  • A stronger frame, up to 200% stronger in key areas
  • Additional lighting for night time visibility
  • Increased fuel economy and quieter operation
  • Improved front to rear weight balance and improved operator visibility
  • Extensive use of aluminum and high strength steel to reduce overall weight
  • Pressurized stainless steel wide cab with sound insulation, charcoal air filtration, climate control (A/C, Heat & Defrost), AM/FM stereo CD player and comprehensive digital display cluster.
  • Improved access to maintenance locations

It’s powered with a Cummins Stage 5, 4.5 liter 173 HP, 4-cylinder engine which provides 590 feet-lbs. of torque. It’s driven by a JCB rear-end that has an outboard planetary, single speed with internal wet brakes. The Allison transmission helps make this a very durable and reliable machine. The main frame chassis features a wheel base of 16’ and offers 6,000 lbs. payload capacity. It has a dry weight of 11,700 lbs. and can be configured with tundra floatation tires or row crop tires.

This versatile machine spraying system is configured with a 600 gallon stainless steel tank with mechanical agitation and 60’ or 80’ stainless booms. The dry spreading system comes with a three ton stainless dry box with dual spinners.

Tractor Weight (lbs.)     11,700 lbs.
Dry Spreader set-up Weight (lbs.) 13,000 lbs.
Spray Boom set-up Weight (lbs.) 15,400 lbs.
Spray Tank (gallons) and Type               600 gal. Stainless Steel
Fuel Tank 48 gallons, 12-14 hours of run time
Engine Cummins 173 HP (Stage 5)
Transmission/Drive Speed Allison, 0-25 MPH
Suspension Air (Front Fork)
Cab Stainless steel wide cab with charcoal filter and buddy seat
Rear Axle Outboard planetary
Tires 66x44x25 Tundra Floatation Tires
Boom Height 24 to 72 inches
Crop Clearance 22.5 inches
Boom Length 60' to 80'
Pump (mfg, type) Centrifugal Hypro HM1
Spray Control    Factory installed Raven control systems
Spray Boom
  • 60 or 80 feet suspended boom with stainless steel wings
  • Hydraulic or Mechanical Breakaway
  • Up to 12 section product control
  • Raven and TeeJet precision components
Dry Spreader
  • 3 ton capacity dry box (80 cubic feet) with dual product chains and spinners
  • 120 cubic feet extension with tarp kit
  • Digital product scale
  • Row crop 12.4R46 radial tires and wheels
  • Tundra Tires, 66 x 44.00-25
Other Options
  • GK Foam Marking System – 10 & 15 gallon
  • GK Venturi Chemical Mixing Station
  • GK Custom Sprayer Trailer
  • Power Tank Fill
  • Implement Hitch
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