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TR6 Sprayer - GKTR6


Cummins Stage V, 4-cylinder 4.5L, 173 HP
Ground Clearance
Adjustable: 77" to 87" or 77" to 97"
Width Adjustment
Adjustable on-the-go
(80"-120" or 96"-136")
Pressurized cabin with sound insulation | Charcoal Air Filtration | System Climate Control (A/C, Heat, Defrost) | AM/FM stereo CD player | Digital Display Unit
Rubber Tracks
Positive nonslip drive system • Unique bogey track rollers
Hydraulic Systems
Sundstrand • Heavy-duty hydraulic drive system
Tilt/telescopic steering column with Electronic steering with adjustable sensitivity that is capable of zero radius spot turns
Ground Pressure
5.5 to 7.5 PSI
Ideal for farm operators and custom applicators, the TR6 Tracker solves your height and width issues:
  • The TR6 has the size, the power, the capacity and overall productivity to cover big acreages fast and efficiently.
  • Designed to straddle multiple crop rows while carrying large capacity of product, the TR6 has a towering stance and “on-the-go” track width and height adjustment.
  • Its low impact ground pressure allows operation in adverse ground conditions.

The TR6 efficiently operates as an over the row spray delivery system with 400 gallon capacity and mechanical agitation, centrifugal or diaphragm pumps, product controllers, and a variety of boom configurations and sizes.

From wet drops and broadcast booms to air blast systems and granular fertilizers spreads, the TR6 is customizable to your specific crop needs. Options of front or rear mounted 3-point hitches offer the use of additional attachments including pre-pruners, hedgers, flail mowers, trimmers and many other implements – they easily mount on the machine frame.


  • 3-point hitch and PTO
  • Front and/or rear category II 3-points with 120 lbs. lift capacity
  • 65 HP hydraulic PTO 30 GPM


  • Pre-Pruners
  • Hedgers
  • Rotary Mowers
  • Custom Implements


  • Hypro-Centrifugal or Diaphragm Spray Pump
  • Broadcast & Spray Booms – in various sizes
  • Raven Spray Controller
  • In-cab Joystick Controller
  • Pressurized Wet Drops
  • Air Assist System
  • Dry Fertilizer Spreaders
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