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Switchblade Scraper - GK7653


  • Hydraulics: Universal hydraulic controls for any tractor application include remote control keypad for transport, curl and rotation functions. Adaptable to most tractors with two remotes and power beyond.
  • Laser/GPS: Can be used with or without Laser or GPS control systems.
  • Blade Length Options: 18', 20', 24', 30'
  • Tires: Four 36" rigid aircraft tires easily withstand a 21,525 lb load
  • Dual Elevation: Two independent lift cylinders allow for separate controls of the blade.

GK Machine's Switchblade Scraper is one of the most economical scrapers on the market today. This award winning machine allows the scraper cutting edge and blade section to move forward and back to change the angle of the cutting blade. The Switchblade Scraper's edge adheres itself to the ground pulling the blade into the cut. This unique design keeps the scraper from 'duckwalking' and virtually eliminates harmonic bounce.

  • The unique 'Auto Transport Design' requires no operator assembly to transport from field to field, saving operator's time and increases safety
  • Able to adjust to a moldboard’s cutting edge producing a rolling action heaving the material to aid in breaking down straw, stalks, and other organic materials.
  • Reduced need for multiple passes, saves time per acre and increases field production

The design of the GK Switchblade Scraper is a result of many hours of collaboration with growers, commercial earthmovers, and field engineers to produce a safe and economical solution for water management and field maintenance.

Sizes include 18’ 20’ 24’ and 30’ in blade length. Minimum horse power (HP) requirement for pulling the switch blade scraper: 18’ blade requires 325 HP, 20’ blade requires 350 HP, 24’ blade requires 400 HP and 30’ blade requires a minimum 450 HP.

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