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Berry Ferry


  • 2017 AE50 Award Winner
  • Solar and Gas Powered Options
  • Nearly Silent
  • Lightweight
  • Low Ground Compaction
2017 AE50 Award Winner for Advanced Engineering Excellence!

GK Machine’s Berry Ferry is the lowest cost berry harvest aid in the market today! Operation is simple, drop the tongue into one of the furrows and begin increasing field productivity by 30-40%. Workers walk to and from the machine while it self-propels evenly down the rows. It is operated by remote control to change speed and stop at any time.

  • Harvest more produce in less time with 25% fewer workers than traditional methods.
  • Current customers report an increase in field productivity by 30-40%!
  • Your employees will be able to easily advance the machine from day one.
  • Offers field workers the benefit of shade cover, a more comfortable work pace and easier body movement which helps reduces injuries.
  • This machine will generally pay for itself in one year by increasing efficiency of harvest

Contact GK Machine to take advance of what your competitors already know, Berry Ferry harvesting aides has numerous benefits to offer your operation – same time, save money and increase profits!

SOLAR-POWERED BERRY FERRY FEATURES: Very quiet, nearly silent machine! Lightweight with low ground compaction, accommodates a smaller more flexible field crew.

Row Width:
  • 36”, 40”, 48”, 52”, 64”, 68”
  • Indefinite during daylight
  • 6-8 hours on battery alone
Crew Size:
  • Minimum of 2 workers
  • Maximum of 4 workers
Produce Capacity:
  • Standard flat size: 16" x 24" x 4"
  • Full flats: 48
  • Empty flats: 72
  • Conveyor widths of 6”
Special Features:
  • 12v Aux port (for field radios, etc)
  • Push button emergency stop
  • Push button speed controls
  • Optional 110v AC charger

GAS-POWERED BERRY FERRY FEATURES: Accommodates a large crew size, large produce storage capacity and remote control speed and stops.

Row Width:
  • 36”, 40”, 48”, 52”, 64”, 68”, 72”, 80”
  • 6-8 hours (6 gallon fuel capacity)
Crew Size:
  • Minimum of 6 workers
  • Maximum of 10 workers
Produce Capacity:
  • Standard flat size: 16" x 24" x 4"
  • Full flats: 168
  • Empty flats: 200+
Special Features:
  • Remote controlled speed/stop
  • Locking glove box and engine cover
  • Wrap-around emergency stop cable
  • 12 volt auxiliary port for field radios
  • Hydraulic filter with maintenance warning light
  • Low engine oil shutdown
  • 110 volt AC Charger
  • Track kit for wet climates
Small Gas-Powered Berry Ferry Features:
  • Small gas-powered Berry Ferry designed to accommodate smaller row spacing
  • Small gas-powered version is well-suited for tunnel greenhouse environments
  • Very lightweight machine with low ground compaction
  • Requires a smaller crew size for greenhouse environment
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