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Tree Digger Accessories

Optional Implements

  • 3-Point Adapter Attachment
  • Plant Lifter
  • Tree Top Topper
  • Bed Digger
  • Undercutter
  • Nose Cones

GK’S H7 & H9 Tree Diggers now have several great accessories that will make these work-horses do even more for your operation! The Tree Top Chopper trims trees at your preferred height, the Bed Lifter will help you efficiently lift beds, the Bed Digger is ideal for loosening soil, and the versatile 3-Point Attachment ensures compatibility with your existing implements. In addition, GK offers nose cones and undercutters to improve the efficiency and durability of your heavy duty diggers.

GK Machine is capable of producing a wide range of custom equipment to fit any application. From heavy industrial equipment to unique municipality projects, GK Machine has the engineers and capacity to tackle your job. Look at these samples of jobs we've done in the past, then contact GK Machine to get started on your next project.

3-Point Adapter Attachment: The attachment is a versatile 3-point adapter system that works with the H9 Tree Digger using the existing hydraulics. Uniquely designed to run your agricultural attachments and can be used to attach a variety of implements; pruner, cultivator disks, fertilizer hopper, flail mower and more! The 3-point adapter system includes fully assembled, quick snap adapters and constructed of heavy-duty steel and powder coated for extra durability in the field.

Plant Lifter: The GK Plant Lifter is the best and most efficient way to lift up small trees, shrubs and plants, loosening dirt around the plants, easing the harvest process. The plant lifter, along with the power of the H7 or H9 Tree Digger, works well for larger plants and shrubs and will save you time and effort preparing your field for harvest.

Tree Top Chopper: Designed to double productivity when trimming and chopping trees in preparation for the budding process for woody ornamental and fruit trees. This piece of equipment easily chops tree tops, to your selected height, preparing them for a variety of budding methods. It also grinds material for easy discard. The high volume blower fan and heavy duty cutter provides plenty of power for a fast and efficient process.

Bed Digger: The GK Bed Digger is ideal for loosening the soil and lifting plants up to the surface. Generally used for harvesting a variety of vegetable crops such as carrots, garlic, parsnips and other root crops. The bed digger can also be used for lifting and loosening plastic in the fields.

Undercutter: This cutter attachment can go down a nursery row and make fast work of undercutting roots. GK’s hydraulically-controlled under-cutter is designed to give you an economical solution to pruning roots. Root pruning with the power of the H7 or H9 Tree Digger is easily controlled with the U shaped blade. It’s made with heavy-duty steel and powder coated for extra durability.

Nose Cones: Nose Cones attach to the front of the Tree Digger to gently move branches to either side of the tracks. The cones help keep branches out of the way of cutter in order not to damage low lying branches.

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